FanDuel Sportsbook Review & Bonus Codes 2023

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Get Up To $1,000 Risk-Free Bet!

  • Big name in the American sportsbook market
  • Large range of promotions always on offer
  • Awesome sign up deals for new players

Bonus: $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions affecting this bonus vary by location. Please visit theย  sportsbook website directly to view terms and conditions regarding the bonus offers outlined on this page.

Responsible Gaming: If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Subject to necessary regulatory licensing requirements.

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Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Lots of sports are available on the platform
  • Easy & straightforward payment methods
  • Unique interface for sports gambling
  • An extensive list of available bet types
  • Relatively limited market for the sportsbook
  • No support phone line


  • Navigation is straightforward
  • Many options for sports betting
  • High level of experience in the gambling market


Online Betting

Online Betting

  • Standard user-interface
  • Incredible betting flexibility
  • Topnotch gambling platform in the industry

Overview of FanDuel Betting

Updated February 16, 2023

sportsbook overviewThere’s hardly any platform that meets up to FanDuel’s user interface. The online sports betting FanDuel offers is top-class. On a first impression basis, you should fall in love with their structure and designs. The website has a brilliant mix of colors making FanDuel betting something always to admire.

Every one of these features makes it highly attractive for new and existing bettors. As a new user, you shouldn’t have problems navigating through the entire website. However, if you have some problems placing bets on the platform, this sportsbook review will address that. You’ll also discover how you can sign up into the platform and enjoy the many perks the site provides.

fanduel overview

Before going into more about FanDuel, let’s look into their roots. At the moment, the company has its base in New York. It was founded by Nigel Eccles, Lesley Eccles, Tom Griffiths, Rob Jones, and Chris Stafford. This platform was a blessing to the industry in the year 2009. Early in 2010, the company organized a “FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC),” which is one of the significant marks of success in sports gambling. Down the line, the company had an intention to merge with the popularly known DraftKings. However, they seemed to have faced several challenges along the way.

If you’re thinking of whether you should bet at this site or not, you should read this FanDuel review article. However, let’s give a tip of the iceberg. Did you know that this website has one of the best user-interfaces in the entire gambling industry.

Well, now you’re aware. Some of the other things you’re considering include the company’s bet types, available sports, deposit & withdrawal options, etc. This review will do a proper FanDuel sportsbook review, and we’d get to a final verdict. Let’s begin!

FanDuel Bonus Codes

sportsbook bonus codesEvery punter looks forward to amazing bonuses. It’s traditional for gambling sites to provide codes for their bonuses and promotions. Bonus codes make things much more comfortable. Bettors can claim their winnings without going through long steps. We have all the details about FanDuel codes below.

Unlike some sites that require the punters to reach out to the customer care, FanDuel does a much better job. The platform can confidently say that it’s moving forward to get more new players and satisfying the existing ones.

Now, you’re wondering what the FanDuel sportsbook bonus code is and what it does. Let’s begin with the typical kind of bonus many people know and understand; the FanDuel welcome bonus. Sign up promos or welcome bonuses are for the new players. It helps attract new bettors to create accounts on the platform.

This website does an excellent job in this category. A FanDuel bonus always has lots of benefits to bettors. If you’re trying to benefit from the FanDuel code, there’s no need to make your first deposit on the website.

Interestingly, the company doesn’t use a code for their signup bonus. As we know it, codes make the company recognize your request and make it easier for you to claim your FanDuel sign up bonus.

Now that we know that there isn’t any FanDuel code for their amazing welcome bonus, we should know what it all entails. It’s interesting how simple the FanDuel deposit bonus is, but yet efficient and helpful. Punters do not need a FanDuel deposit bonus code to enjoy that benefit.

How To Take Advantage of FanDuel No Deposit Bonus

One of the most common types of bonuses provided by gambling platforms is the no deposit bonus. Although it works differently compared to other kinds of promotions. Just as the welcome bonuses are potent agents of attraction in gambling sites, the no deposit bonuses are equally beneficial. Aside from getting all of these bonuses, it’s also vital that you know the proper ways to make the most of them.

What does the FanDuel no deposit bonus entail? Understanding what no deposit bonuses are is effortless. All bettors need to register an account with the platform and take steps to claim the promotion.

Please note that no deposit bonuses are relatively rare compared to the welcome bonuses. However, they are equally beneficial to bettors and some gambling sites. The level of bonus you get as a user highly depends on the platform you use. You can enjoy these bonuses as a new punter and sometimes as an existing one.

Let’s go straight to what FanDuel promo code no deposit bonus entails and how much it benefits punters. A FanDuel no deposit bonus is closely similar to a FanDuel signup bonus.

Added to the no deposit bonus, players can get a risk free bet up to $500 in site credits. The FanDuel risk free bet up to $1,000 is one of the best promotions in the industry. If you want to claim this, you do not need a specific code, the deal will be automatically applied to your account. This deal is highly helpful for punters who haven’t registered on their website.

List of FanDuel Promo Codes

This company does not bring a lot of promotions to the table. However, each of the available ones is very helpful to new punters and loyal ones too. Please note that it’s essential to know how to take advantage of these promotions.

The only way to make the most of them is by using the appropriate FanDuel codes that come with the promotions. For the FanDuel online sportsbook, every available promotion is a great deal to maximize.

You’re probably thinking about why it’s that low. At this level, many bettors can benefit from the offer. It brings everything down to the lowest level so that punters can enjoy the deal. One of the extras that come with that signup bonus is the referral bonus. However, we will be speaking about that in the next section.

For now, let’s check out the table below that shows each of the bonus codes and a breakdown:

RISK-FREE BETRisk-free bet up to $1,000

Please note that the risk-free bet only applies for punters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. We will explain later see why this is the requirement.

What Are Some FanDuel Special Offers?

One of the main things that accompany any sportsbook is their bonus deals. We have talked extensively in that area in this review. There’s always something more than the regular deals and promotions they place on the table.

fanduel special offers

What exactly are those extra perks? These additional benefits are called ‘Special Offers.’ They go beyond the typical no deposit bonuses and the other everyday deals. One of the main ones is the risk-free $1,000 bet.

What does this special offer mean? It implies that punters can risk as high as $1,000 on a bet. If the bettor can win, he or she makes the appropriate winnings. However, if the punter loses, they receive their money back as a refund of up to $1,000. This enters into their accounts as a site credit within the space of three days.

Betting with FanDuel

sportsbook bettingFanDuel online betting doesn’t come with many disadvantages, so make sure you check out the FanDuel sign up bonus today. You may notice a few things about your experience, but they are usually elementary problems with little or no complications. Surprisingly, a new sportsbook like FanDuel can have so many benefits.

This company has done an incredible job on the site’s user interface. Navigation is easy and smooth. As for the designs, the company ensured the website is well-structured with the proper colors and graphics.

betting with fanduel

Moving on, how does it feel like to bet on this platform. First of all, the website makes it very easy for punters to place bets. So, as a bettor, you’re just a few clicks away from placing your bet.

Secondly, there are several bet types available on the sportsbook. Examples of some of them are moneylines, parlays, totals, spreads, and more. Please try sticking to the type you understand better. There are lots of sports you can bet on as a user, including basketball, baseball, football, and more.

How To Place a Bet With FanDuel

If you’re new to the gambling industry as a user, you may find a couple of things tricky. One of those things is how you can place a bet. The processes involved in placing a bet aren’t tricky, but, if you face a challenge, here’s a guide to follow:

  • Log into FanDuel: Before going through this step, you need to have an account with them. However, if you don’t own an account, you can go through the steps for account creation (we’ll get to that later). When signing in, enter your account number or email address, and password. Click the button that enables you to sign in to continue.
  • Click on the appropriate SPORTSBOOK button.
  • Select the game / match that you want to bet on: One of the things you can never miss out on as a punter is the available games. The site covers all of the major sporting events. However, it leaves a few of them out of the chart.
  • Choose a bet type: Something peculiar about most of the industry’s gambling platforms is their bet type. There are so many available betting options for punters. Some of the many options are moneylines, parlays, totals, spreads, and more.
  • Enter your bet amount: This is the last step to finalize the procedure of placing bets. Enter your wager amount and confirm your entries.

Different FanDuel Deposit Options

One of the vital things to always check out in a gambling site is their deposit options. Those that offer several kinds of payment methods are more suitable to use. It provides punters with an opportunity to diversify since they are not restricted to only one payment method. As a site that fundamentally operates in the United States of America, most people use the Visa and MasterCard for payments.

Other banking methods like PayPal, ACH (eCheck), and Online Bank Transfer are also fantastic. However, it might take a while for some of the deposits methods to complete the processing procedure.

Here’s a table that better breaks down the leading deposit methods showing the minimum amount accepted, the maximum, and the speed:

Credit/Debit card10 Dollars1,000 DollarsInstant
PayPal10 DollarsSet by bettorInstant
Check10 DollarsN/AClose to one week
FanDuel Prepaid Card10 Dollars2,000 DollarsInstant
Wire Transfer10 DollarsN/AClose to 24 hours
Bank Transfer (ACH)10 DollarsN/AInstant
PayNearMe10 Dollars$50015 minutes
Cash10 DollarsN/AInstant

FanDuel Payout & Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal methods are equally as important as the deposit methods. To bettors, the payout options are even more critical than the deposit methods. It’s essential for betting websites to provide several possible payout options. For one, it makes the punter more comfortable with the platform. Also, it prevents the user from getting stuck with one of the different methods of withdrawal.

One of the most common methods that bettors utilize is the use of PayPal. This is more effective when it was the same technique utilized for making deposits. Other payout options like Cash Cage, Courier Check, and ACH transfers are effective. If you’re choosing a withdrawal method based on the processing time, you should try out the Cash as it is immediate.

PayPalN/AN/A12 โ€“ 24 hours
Courier CheckN/AN/A7 โ€“ 10 business days
ACH TransferN/AN/A3 – 5 business days

How To Sign Up With FanDuel

sportsbook sign upYou don’t want to miss out on the many offers you stand to gain as a bettor in this platform. The good thing is that the steps to registering for FanDuel are straightforward. If you’ve been thinking on how to sign up for FanDuel, you’re about to find out.

Punters stand a chance of getting an amazing FanDuel sign up bonus upon registration. One of the most common ones that FanDuel provides is the 100% match when a punter goes through a successful signup process. However, there are specific essential details you need to keep to heart regarding registration.

fanduel sign up process

One of the main things never to forget is the age requirement. Punters need to be within the legal age of 18 and above to participate in sports gambling activities. With that in mind, here are the steps to register on the platform and begin your journey with FanDuel:

  • Start by visiting the FanDuel official site.
  • Go to the SPORTSBOOK link on the upper mid-corner.
  • Proceed by clicking the “JOIN NOW” button on the top right corner.
  • Fill out the form that appears appropriately (make sure you put in the correct country of residence).
  • Click “Create account.”

Please note that they may require you to provide certain documents for verification. Before that, you will have to go through some steps for email verification. You must give the correct documents. Proper verification is vital to stay safe, both financially and legally.

States Where Betting With FanDuel Is Legal

sportsbook legalThe legal state of any sports gambling company matters a lot. If a sportsbook has issues with its licensing, it cannot perform gambling activities within that area. If you’re not in the appropriate state in the United States of America or the proper location, verification will be unsuccessful.

Just like every other website, licenses are very vital. If you’re familiar with the legalization of online gambling platforms in the United States of America, you may notice that individual states are well known for creating restrictions for sports betting activities. This website accepts punters from most of the states in the US including:

  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan (soon)
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia

If you find yourself in any of those eight states, you can register an account successfully on their platform. Generally, it’s always important to confirm your area’s legal state before participating fully in sports gambling.

How Live, In-Play Betting Works with FanDuel

sportsbook live bettingIf you place bets often, you should know that FanDuel offers fantastic sports to wager on. If you’re looking for the best site in 2020 that provides excellent mobile betting and in-play game action, you can trust this sportsbook.

The live betting section provides punters with all information about the live game. It’s straightforward for users to navigate and follow along with this section. One of the noticeable features of their live betting feature is the flashing green and red colors. If you notice any of these, it means your odds are either getting better or worse. Many people may liken this to a standard stock exchange, which is similar in specific ways.

fanduel live betting

The only feature that seems to need an upgrade is the way the odds are displayed. However, this is a little understandable since they majorly focus on bettors in the United States of America. The American format for displaying odds is good, but some people prefer seeing their decimals or fractions. Overall, the sportsbook’s live betting feature is impressive.

FanDuel Mobile App Betting Review

sportsbook mobile appThe mobile app betting feature is topnotch. Bettors can enjoy all the benefits of this feature. Also, every gambling site needs to have a mobile-optimized site or a standard mobile application.

The primary reason sports gambling companies need to include this in one of their many features is its high importance level. Bettors will be able to place bets anywhere within the appropriate geographic location.

Each of the advanced features that this company provides can be found in the mobile app or on the site. The mobile app is available on both iPhones and Android. The download is simple and straightforward.

However, please take note that users always need to be of the proper age before registration. Let’s start by reviewing the appearance of the site on mobile devices. If you’re familiar with other gambling sites, you will notice that FanDuel stands out in this category with its stunning design and structure. It’s easy to find what you need for placing bets.

fanduel mobile betting

Users will experience a high level of ease while using this platform on mobile devices. One of the significant features that we should look into is their extra feature called the “Stake All Straights.” What exactly does the feature bring to the table? If you want to make a bunch of single bets and go for the same amount, you don’t fill each field.

All you just need to do is click the button that offers this feature and watch everything applied for the bets you selected. So, if you have 15 bets for $20 each, you don’t need to fill each of them separately. Instead, you can utilize this feature and see how it all plays out.

Other things to analyze are the sports you can enjoy and the platform’s bet types. Regarding sports, this platform covers all of the major international sporting events. Moreover, there are several options for punters to choose from regarding bet types. We’ll get to that later in this review.

Sports You Can Bet on With FanDuel

sportsbook sports for bettingIt is essential to have enough options for FanDuel sports betting. With this, several punters can have a wide variety of choices from what’s present. Interestingly, there is a FanDuel sports promo code for each of the various sports available. There’s no need to feel restricted to just one of the many types. You can try exploring any or all of them.

There are so many available sports that punters can enjoy. It includes the standard leagues in soccer and more. So, name your sport and trust that FanDuel will give you all the action. Experience great gambling when you utilize the live betting option.

Have a look below at the sports that are available on this premium website:

  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer
  • UFC
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • eSports
  • and more!

FanDuel Bet Types

sportsbook bet typesThere are several bet types available for both the new and the existing punters. Each of these bet types is beneficial for different kinds of bettors. Punters hardly need to change or explore different options.
Once you find one of these types that work for you, you might as well stick to that. Please note that one of the most typical types of bet is the moneyline bet. There’s nothing special about placing bets using this method.

There’s more to know about the different bet types and what each of them entails. For example, the totals or accumulator works differently compared to the parlays. Many options are available, but the bettor must understand the specific bet type they prefer.

Have a look below at the different bet types available on their website:

  • Pleasers
  • Straight bets
  • Totals
  • Parlays
  • Teasers / Progressives
  • Round Robbins
  • Point buying
  • If bets
  • Asian handicaps
  • Reverses
  • Rolling if bets

FanDuel Review FAQs

sportsbook faqsWho was the founder of FanDuel?

The company seems to be built on excellent backgrounds. Three people founded it, Nigel Eccles, Tom Griffiths, and Lesley Eccles. They are primarily based in New York, regularly providing daily fantasy sports to users.

How do I place a bet on FanDuel?

If you’re thinking on how to place a bet on FanDuel, think no further. The steps to place a valid bet on this platform are incredibly comfortable. Start by logging in to FanDuel. Please note that you should have an account before trying to sign in.

When signing in, enter your necessary details. Click the button that enables you to sign in to continue. Select the game or match that you would like to bet on. Then, choose a bet type. Lastly, enter your chosen bet amount and then place your bet.

How do you get a bonus code for FanDuel?

One of the most effective ways of taking advantage of this platform is by making fair use of their bonuses and promotions. You can get the appropriate bonus codes by visiting their site and checking for a recent FanDuel promo code. One of the common ones is 25DFS and it gives $25 upon successful sign up.

Is FanDuel a good betting site?

There are no significant complaints about the FanDuel betting site. It works just fine on mobile devices and tablets as well. However, the only part that may need improvement is how punters change their odds. Every other thing the company offers is close to perfect.

Is FanDuel sports betting legal?

This sportsbook is entirely legal. However, due to some laws, it restricts people from a specific set of states. Examples of those states that aren’t under FanDuel’s covering include Arizona, Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, Washington, and Hawaii. If you’re under any of these states, you cannot enjoy all that this site offers.

What is the minimum deposit for FanDuel?

There are different deposit requirements for several sites. This usually helps bettors put in more money to gain more for withdrawals. The lowest deposit on this website is $10. Please note that this cuts across every payment method, including PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, etc.

Can I get in trouble legally for using FanDuel?

There’s always an element of legality when dealing with betting platforms. One of the most important things that bettors must clarify is the states barred from using the website. If you find yourself in any of those locations, kindly avoid registration.

You will not be allowed to place bets in those states. However, if you’re in one of the appropriate states, you should be within an appropriate age. Usually, the legal age for sports gambling is 18 years and above.

How do I sign up to FanDuel?

The steps to signing up are simple. You need to carefully follow each one to register an account on this platform successfully. Here are the fundamental steps to account creation:

  • Start by visiting the FanDuel official site.
  • Go to the SPORTSBOOK link on the upper mid-corner.
  • Proceed by clicking the “JOIN NOW” button on the top right corner.
  • Fill out the form that appears appropriately (please enter in the correct state of residence).
  • Click “Create account”.

How long does it take to make withdrawals on FanDuel?

Each of the different withdrawal methods comes with different processing times. However, one of the fastest ways of making withdrawals is using Cash Cage. It’s instantaneous and doesn’t have outstanding fees. PayPal takes 12 to 24 hours, Courier Check takes 7 โ€“ 10 business days, and ACH transfer takes 3 โ€“ 5 business days.

What are the available withdrawal and deposit methods on FanDuel?

There are several deposit and withdrawal methods that bettors use on this site. Examples of withdrawal options include Cash, Courier Check, PayPal, and ACH Transfer. For deposit methods, they include PayPal, Cash, FanDuel Prepaid Card, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit card, Check, and PayNearMe.

Final Thoughts on FanDuel

sportsbook finalOverall, we can comfortably say FanDuel is doing a great job in the gambling industry. They seem to be doing very well regarding how bettors place bets and the structure on their platform.

How about in-play betting? Punters can catch all of the action during a live match. Incredibly, there are tools in place to help users comprehend everything that is going on through the match.

They deserve a thumbs up in other aspects, too, like their bonuses and promotions. The company has made sure to reduce their bonus offer qualification to the barest minimum for new punters. Even though they don’t have a million methods of withdrawals or deposits, they are still doing an amazing job.

Lastly, the website accepts users from many states in the United States of America. So, you don’t have anything to worry about as long as you meet up to the vital requirements like age and location.

*Terms & Conditions apply to all sports bonus offers. Please visit the operator's website for details.

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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions affecting this bonus vary by location. Please visit theย  sportsbook website directly to view terms and conditions regarding the bonus offers outlined on this page.

Responsible Gaming: If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Subject to necessary regulatory licensing requirements.

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  • Mobile Betting

Bonus: $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions affecting this bonus vary by location. Please visit theย  sportsbook website directly to view terms and conditions regarding the bonus offers outlined on this page.

Responsible Gaming: If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Subject to necessary regulatory licensing requirements.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Get Up To $1,000 Risk-Free Bet!

  • Big name in the American sportsbook market
  • Large range of promotions always on offer
  • Awesome sign up deals for new players

Bonus: $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

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Terms & Conditions Apply

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions affecting this bonus vary by location. Please visit theย  sportsbook website directly to view terms and conditions regarding the bonus offers outlined on this page.

Responsible Gaming: If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-GAMBLER. Subject to necessary regulatory licensing requirements.