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    Stadium:Scotiabank Arena
    Colours:Red, black, white, silver & gold
    Hall of Famers:Tracy McGrady & Hakeem Olajuwon
    Hall of Fame Coaches:Lenny Wilkens
    Rivals:Brooklyn Nets & New York Knicks 
    Legends:Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, Vince Carter & Damon Stoudamire
    Retired Numbers:None
    Conference: Eastern Conference
    Division:Atlantic Division
    NBA Championships:1: 2019

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    Toronto Raptors History

    The Toronto Huskies hosted the first ever NBA (formerly Basketball Association of America) game in 1946 in a narrow loss to the New York Knicks. The Huskies unfortunately folded after their first season, with no professional basketball played in Toronto until the Buffalo Braves hosted 16 games over a five year span starting in 1971. 

    In September 1993, the Professional Basketball Franchise (Canada) Inc. were awarded the rights to a new Toronto NBA Team and on November 4th, the NBA Board of Governors finalised the creation of the Raptors for a then-record $125M expansion fee.

    In the 1995 NBA draft the Raptors selected Damon Stoudamire who led them to victory in their first ever game, beating the New Jersey Nets 94-79, A highlight for the team in their inaugural season was being one of very few teams able to beat to the 72-10 Chicago Bulls, however they finished their first season with a 21-61 record. 

    The team didn’t do much better over the next two seasons, and in the 1997-98 season had a 17 game losing streak and star young player Stoudamire requested a trade. The 1998 off season saw the Raptors trade for fifth pick in the draft, Vince Carter whilst also trading for veteran Charles Oakley who brought a breadth of playoff experience with him. 

    The team improved in the 1998-99 season but were unable to break through to the playoffs until the 1999-2000 season, where Carter led the team to their first playoff berth, finishing with a 45-37 record. 

    The team made the playoffs again the following year and beat the Knicks to win their first ever playoff series. Carter seemed destined to lead the Raptors to the playoffs for the third straight year in 2002 however went down with injury and missed the second half of the season. The Raptors still made the playoffs with a victory in the last game of the season however they lost to the 2nd seed Detroit Pistons. 

    The 2002-03 season saw the Raptors not make the playoffs for the first time in four seasons, ending the season with a 24-58 record. This was a blessing in disguise as Toronto ended up with the fourth pick in the 2003 draft and selected Chris Bosh, a revolutionary power forward who could play inside and shoot. 

    The Raptors again showed promise but were undone by injuries and were unable to make the playoffs again until 2007. During this time Carter felt the Raptors were misleading him and eventually requested a trade, which was granted to the New Jersey Nets, creating a rivalry between the two Atlantic Division foes. 

    Toronto’s downfall continued in the 2005-06 season losing their first nine games and 15 of their first 16. This was followed up by allowing Lakers star Kobe Bryant to score 81 points (the second highest ever) later in the season. 

    Chris Bosh was tasked with leading an overhauled team with new players in the 2006-07 season and despite a rocky start, ended up third in the Eastern Conference with help from the first pick in the 2006 draft, Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors were unfortunately tasked with facing their former star Vince Carter and the Nets, whose experience got them over the line with a 4-2 series victory. 

    The Raptors made the playoffs again the following season but were outplayed by Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic for a second straight season of first round exits from the playoffs. 

    From the 2007-2010 seasons the Raptors failed to make the playoffs and Chris Bosh departed in free agency, joining LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami, leaving the Raptors in limbo with Demar Derozan (9th pick in the 2009 draft) as the centrepiece of the franchise. 

    The Raptors didn’t see the playoffs for the first three seasons after Bosh’s departure but drafted future starting centre Jonas Valencunas in 2011, signed revolutionary coach Dwane Casey in 2011 and signed point guard Kyle Lowry in 2012. 

    The Derozan and Lowry led Raptors looked poised for playoff success and finally broke through in the 2013-14 season, finishing third in the Eastern Conference with 48 wins and 34 losses. The Raptors were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs two straight seasons despite having their best regular seasons at the time. 

    Along with their resurgence in the playoffs, the Toronto Raptors partnered with Drake as the team’s Global Ambassador in 2013. Drake’s brand OVO is also a partner of the Raptors and has seen the team’s popularity grow not only in Toronto, but globally. 

    The Toronto Raptors have introduced ‘Drake Night’ where the team wears Black and Gold uniforms inspired by Drake’s brand OVO. Drake can often be seen sitting courtside, cheering the Raptors and talking trash to opposing teams.

    The Raptors managed to get out of the first round the next three seasons in 2016, 17 and 18 but fell victim to Lebron James all three years with third, second and second round exits respectively.

    This period of time saw; many refer to the Raptors as ‘LeBronto’, Dwane Casey get fired despite winning Coach of the Year that season and the trading of superstar Derozan to the San Antonio Spurs in a franchise defining move that brought in former Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. 

    Leonard only had one season remaining on his contract and was returning from a devastating quadriceps injury at the time, unable to play as many games as fans hoped throughout the 2018-19 season due to ‘load management’. 

    This was all worth it as Kawhi led the team through the Eastern Conference, defeating MVP Giannis Antetonkoumpo in the Eastern Conference Finals, setting up a match up with juggernaut and reigning back to back champions, the Golden State Warriors. 

    Kawhi dominated the series, along with Kyle Lowry and a breakout series from young Pascal Siakim allowed the Toronto Raptors to win their first ever championship in 2019. After bringing the title to Toronto, Leonard left for the Los Angeles Clippers in the off-season. This left Lowry and NBA’s 2019 Most Improved Player Siakam to lead the Raptors to a better winning percentage than last season and 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference this season. 

    After easily dealing with the Nets in the first round, the Raptors fell to the Celtics in a tough seven game series. After a disappointing second round exit and key players on massive salaries, there are some questions surrounding what is next for the current Raptors roster.

    Expert 2020 / 2021 Picks & Preview on Toronto Raptors

    If you are a fan of the Toronto Raptors then you know that the only thing that matters right now is how they are expected to perform in the 2020 / 2021 season. Do the Toronto Raptors have the star power to make it all the way to the playoffs and finals in 2021? Have a read on below at SportsTips expert picks & preview on the Toronto Raptors.

    Preview on the Toronto Raptors’ Head Coach: Nick Nurse

    A championship winner in his first season of coaching in the NBA, a debut most coaches can only dream of, Nurse led the Raptors to their one and only title in the 2018-19 season. A campaign which saw the Raptors go 58-24 (.707), thanks in no small part to the heroics of Kawhi Leonard, who won the MVP that year.

    Leonard didn’t win the league on his own though, with Nurse heavily credited with making big changes to the Raptors offensive style as soon as he was appointed coach, changes that made them unstoppable that season.

    It would have been fair to assume that upon Leonards’ departure in 2019 that the Raptors would not be half as good as they had in the previous year. Nurse proved that this wasn’t the case though, with players like Pascal Siakam, Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet stepping up in the absence of Leonard, finishing with a season record of 53-19 (.736) and losing to the Celtics in 7 in the semifinals.

    Preview on the Toronto Raptors’ Key Player: Pascal Siakam

    After a big breakout year in the 2019/20 season, the Raptors Power Forward has found himself as the star man in this Raptors outfit. Able to crash the boards and shoot effectively from the 3 point line, the Cameroonian was the highest scorer last season averaging 22.9 points with 45.3% efficiency. 

    His success did not go unnoticed, earning him the leagues’ Most Improved Player award, which was well deserved considering his growth as a playmaker. With lots of pressure on Siakam to perform at the highest level from here on in, it is yet to be seen if he will continue to improve. 

    However, if the Raptors are to perform how they did in the previous season, there is no doubt that Siakam will be leading the charge.

    Preview on the Toronto Raptors’ Next Best: Kyle Lowry

    At 34 years old, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Kyle Lowry was past it, however the fact of the matter is he remains as important to this Raptors side as ever. A man who has achieved it all in his 15 year career, Lowry continues to perform, draining 3 pointers all last season at 35.2%.

    Managing his career 3rd best average points per game (19.4) with 7.5 assists, such is the season Lowry enjoyed that he looks more than capable of resigning at the expiration of his current contract in a year. 

    A potential hall of famer and considered to many as the Greatest Raptor Of All Time, the GROAT will go into the 2020/21 season full of confidence for another strong showing for himself and the team.

    Toronto Raptors Betting & Odds History

    Opening with the eighth best odds for the 2020-21 NBA Championship, the Toronto Raptors, +1600, are still in the elite level of teams that could play in the Finals.

    The Toronto Raptors finished the 2019-20 season with the fifth best record against the spread, sitting at 39-30-2. The Raptors were 21-14 against the spread at home and were 18-16-2 against the spread on the road. 

    Known for their defence led by Lowry, Siakim, Serge Ibaka and Marc Gasol, the Toronto Raptors are 36-34-1 on over / under bets, being 18-17 at home and 18-17-1 on the road in those markets. 

    Toronto Raptors FAQ

    Still got some burning questions about the Toronto Raptors? Well, we have answered some of the most common questions people have, hopefully you will find the answer you are looking for below! 

    Where do the Toronto Raptors play?

    The Raptors play their home games at Scotiabank Arena. 

    Who owns the Toronto Raptors?

    Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment owns the Toronto Raptors.

    How many NBA Championships have the Toronto Raptors won?

    The Toronto Raptors have won one NBA championship, which was in 2019.

    Who is the Toronto Raptors coach?

    Nick Nurse is the head coach of the Toronto Raptors. He was promoted from Assistant to Head Coach after the 2017-18 playoffs. 

    Do the Toronto Raptors play tonight?

    Are you wondering if the Toronto Raptors are playing tonight? Well, SportsTips has all the details you need about the Toronto Raptors! Make sure you check this page at the top for all the details you are looking for.

    What is the Toronto Raptors record?

    The Toronto Raptors had a 53-19 win-loss record for the 2019-20 NBA season. 

    Did the Toronto Raptors win last night?

    Fans of the Toronto Raptors are all wanting to know if they won the game last night. You can find more information in relation to the team’s recent form in games on the page at the top.

    How much are the Toronto Raptors worth?

    According to Forbes Magazine, the Toronto Raptors are worth $2.1 billion.

    Who do the Toronto Raptors play tonight?

    With back to backs and games every other night, things change pretty quickly in the NBA. So, if you are looking for more information about who the Toronto Raptors play tonight, you have come to the right place. We have all this information for you in detail, you can find these details for upcoming games at the top of the page.

    How to watch the Toronto Raptors?

    You can catch the Toronto Raptors in action through NBA TV, NBA League Pass, or on TV channels like ESPN, TNT, TSN or Sportsnet.

    Will the Toronto Raptors make the playoffs this year?

    The Toronto Raptors made the playoffs after finishing second in the Eastern Conference with a 53-19 record.

    When do the Toronto Raptors play?

    Toronto Raptors fans are always looking for more information about when their team plays the next game. For all the information you have been craving and more, be sure to check the top of this page. Here at SportsTips we list all the information you need like the tip off time, location of the game and the all important NBA odds.

    Where did the Toronto Raptors finish the season?

    The Toronto Raptors finished second in the Eastern Conference standings.

    How many games did the Toronto Raptors win?

    The Toronto Raptors won 53 games during the 2019-20 NBA season. 

    What are the Toronto Raptors odds?

    If you are after NBA odds, NBA picks and NBA predictions, specifically for the Toronto Raptors, SportsTips have you sorted. The Raptors opened 2020-21 NBA Championship betting with +1400 odds, eighth best in the league. 

    What are the NBA expert picks for the Toronto Raptors?

    The NBA expert picks for the Toronto Raptors in the 2020 / 2021 season is yet to be determined, but make sure you check our page regularly as we crunch all the numbers and stats to get awesome expert NBA picks for our readers.