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7 PM ET • Wednesday
Tony Battalio

Cavs -6.5 -115

Jazz @ Cavs

7 PM ET • Wednesday
Tony Battalio

Pacers -9.5 -115

Hornets @ Pacers

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    SportsTips Guide To The NBA

    You never know what’s going to happen in the National Basketball Association. You need to know what the best NBA tips and predictions are if you want to place bets, plus you’ve got to find the best odds for whatever you want to pick.

    We at SportsTips are here to help, as we will provide you with all the NBA odds and betting tips you need. We’ll help you find the best odds from sportsbooks in America. We’ll also give you the best NBA picks and predictions through our analysts and experts.

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    NBA Odds

    The NBA odds you’ll find throughout the online world can vary by each sportsbook. But what goes into these odds?

    Oddsmakers will review matchups and analyze them based on factors like:

    • How well the teams have been performing as of late
    • The latest news surrounding each team
    • Injury reports
    • How often these teams have been playing recently
    • How these teams competed against one another in the past
    • The venue and time for the game

    Sportsbooks will produce many NBA odds today, including ones for a point spread, over / under, and a moneyline total. Each game has unique odds, and it’s a challenge to figure out what’s happening and why the odds are the way that they are.

    Don’t forget about other odds, including various futures lines. You may find NBA title odds, MVP odds, and even NBA Defensive Player of the Year odds. Bookmakers will dictate these lines based on how teams and players perform throughout the season.

    The good news is that here at SportsTips, we make it our mission to help you find the best NBA picks and parlays which are based on the best odds. You can visit our specific NBA odds page to see what the odds for individual games are through various bookmakers. You’ll find the most profitable ones on this page, including NBA betting lines that can give you the best payouts, so make sure you check out our NBA tips before tip off!

    NBA MVP Odds

    One of the best parts of watching the NBA is watching the world’s best basketball players. But it is certainly the case that some players stand out more than others. The current NBA MVP odds you’ll find will change throughout the season.

    These NBA MVP odds will shift based on many factors, including:

    • How well the player has been competing
    • The strength of schedule, including whether he has any favorable opponents
    • Injury reports
    • Trends surrounding each player’s team, including the pace of play for each team

    You never know what to expect out of NBA MVP odds. We at SportsTips will help you find the best lines for NBA betting, including on the MVP. You can also check us out for details on NBA Finals MVP odds, All-Star Game MVP odds, and many other current NBA MVP odds.

    We’re always in the know about the best players in the NBA and will help you make the best choices when finding the right MVP picks. You won’t miss a beat with our NBA game predictions!

    2021 NBA MVP Odds:

    NBA PlayerNBA MVP Odds:
    Nikola Jokic-7000
    Steph Curry+2700
    Joel Embiid+3000
    Giannis Antetokounmpo+10000
    Chris Paul+13000

    (Odds correct as at 5/20/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    NBA Rookie of the Year Odds

    Some of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA are the rookies. It’s always a thrill to catch the next generation of NBA stars today. You can also bet on who you feel will be the top rookie for the season. But the race for the Eddie Gottlieb Trophy is often unpredictable.

    Sometimes the Rookie of the Year will go to a number-one pick like Blake Griffin, Kyrie Irving, or Ben Simmons. It could also go to someone later in the top ten like Damian Lillard or Brandon Roy.

    The Rookie of the Year could also be someone you least expect. Malcolm Brogdon was a second-round pick in 2016, but he still won the Rookie of the Year award. We at SportsTips will help you find the best NBA predictions for Rookie of the Year. We’ll review rookies like we monitor MVP candidates and see which ones are performing the best.

    Ja Morant won the 2020 Rookie of the Year after dominating and pushing Memphis to the 8-seed in the West before the COVID-19 suspension.

    The odds are out for 2021 NBA Rookie of the Year. Check them out below.

    2021 NBA Rookie of the Year Odds:

    NBA PlayerNBA ROTY Odds:
    LaMelo Ball-1900
    Anthony Edwards+1200
    Tyrese Haliburton+10000
    Immanuel Quickley+24000
    Saddiq Bey+30000

    (Odds correct as at 5/20/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    NBA Futures Odds

    Are you willing to wait a while to win something big? That’s where NBA futures bets come in handy. NBA futures odds entail picks on who will win awards weeks or months from now. People like to bet on futures markets because there is the opportunity to get bigger odds, so if you are confident in your choice, go for it!

    You’ll find plenty of NBA betting choices on the futures markets, including:

    • League champion
    • Conference or division champion
    • MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, or Sixth Man awards
    • Over / under picks on how many wins a team will get in a season
    • Picks on whether a team will reach the playoffs

    The best part about these NBA futures odds is that they’re much higher than what you’ll find for single-game picks. The favorite for a futures bet could have a +400 or +500 line, for instance.

    But what are the best NBA picks on the futures market? We at SportsTips will help you see what the best futures odds are on the market. Check out our page on how NBA odds work to learn about what’s available.

    NBA Picks and Predictions

    You’ve got plenty of NBA expert picks tonight to consider each day. You’ll have multiple games to choose from, plus various prop bets for each one. You can find many NBA expert picks tonight, but you should only trust those that take a closer look at what’s happening with a game. Our NBA best picks cover a lot of different angles, so we don’t miss a thing.

    Every game is unique and different, so you need to look at what happens. We have NBA game predictions on offer every day of the season, so you won’t miss out.

    You can trust us at SportsTips when finding NBA free picks you can rely on. We’ll plan our NBA predictions based on many factors, including:

    • How the teams compete against one another
    • How the teams have been playing as of recent
    • The offensive and defense capabilities of each team, including a review of the possible pace of play
    • Injuries, suspensions, cases where players are sitting for rest, and other factors that might influence the rosters

    Every game has many aspects that can dictate what could happen. It’s our job at SportsTips to figure out what points should be reviewed the most. Visit our NBA picks and predictions page to look at our NBA predictions today, and see what we recommend when making your NBA picks tonight.

    Our NBA predictions will help you see what works when setting up your bets for the day. Finding the NBA best picks is easy when you use SportsTips each day!

    NBA Picks and Parlays

    Picking NBA games is exciting, but what about parlays? You could earn even more money if you correctly combine multiple NBA picks in one ticket. Calculating a parlay is easy. You’ll multiply the decimal odds for each pick together. You can pick the Boston Celtics to win a game at 1.80 and the LA Clippers to win at 1.323 on one ticket to get a parlay payout of 2.381.

    Your chance for success will increase when you find the best picks. We at SportsTips will give you NBA free picks to help you find the best parlays. You can review our NBA game predictions today to see what you should choose when setting up your NBA picks and parlays.

    Visit our page on how NBA picks work to learn more about parlays if you need extra help. We’ll help you see how parlays, teasers, round robins, and other options for NBA picks tonight work. It is important that you understand what you can do before planning your NBA picks and parlays.

    NBA Expert Picks Tonight

    You’ll need to find the best NBA expert picks tonight to help you make the right choices for your wagers. Your NBA picks and parlays will be more successful when you understand what goes into a matchup and how many things can make an impact.

    We provide NBA free picks each day with input from our experts at SportsTips. We monitor the latest news, trends, and other reports in the NBA to make our decisions. We’ll also review how each team competes to see what fits in our picks.

    Our daily NBA betting picks come from analysts with years of experience in reviewing the NBA. Our system is accurate in making the best NBA betting choices. We monitor the players and how well they compete, plus how well the team performs in general. We review the offense and defense alike when making our predictions. You’ll appreciate how we at SportsTips put in plenty of effort to find you the best bets.

    NBA Predictions Today

    You’ll find many NBA predictions today on SportsTips, including up-to-the-minute picks for games happening in a few hours. It doesn’t take long for NBA betting lines to change, as late changes and other developments can influence what happens with a game. Even team practices can influence what happens, as some players might seem more prepared for games than others.

    We’re always on top of the latest news and reports in the NBA. We’ll use these details to help you make the best NBA picks for tonight. You’ll find the best NBA free picks, plus explanations on why we think each of these picks will work out.

    Every detail we provide at SportsTips lets you see how the latest updates will impact a game, not to mention how the NBA odds might change. There’s no telling what might happen when making NBA predictions, which is why we will always take a closer look at what happens right up to the opening tipoff.

    NBA Betting

    Are you ready to place your bets on NBA games? You might struggle to figure out how to bet on NBA games, especially with there being so many choices each day. You’ve got many free NBA betting picks to utilize.

    But you shouldn’t assume that certain NBA odds are better than others. You might see a report saying that the Boston Celtics have a -1.5 line over the Miami Heat, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for a wager. You can trust us at SportsTips when you need help getting the best NBA betting predictions.

    We’ll provide full details on the best NBA picks and parlays for you to utilize. You’ll also find details on the best NBA prop bets for the day, including team and player-based props. An average NBA game will have dozens of betting lines, from the winning margin to whether a game will go to overtime, so make sure you get on our free NBA betting picks today.

    We’ll give you an idea of what props are useful in our daily listing of NBA free picks. Visit our page on NBA betting to learn more. We’ll help you find the best NBA bets today, not to mention the most appealing lines from various sportsbooks you can find online.

    NBA Betting Lines

    You’ll find an assortment of NBA betting lines each day, so you’ll be able to make the best NBA bets today. Look at some of the choices you can consider:

    • Basic spread line
    • First quarter line
    • First half line
    • Alternate lines, including ones that go higher or lower than the official spread
    • Over / under
    • Over / unders for individual teams or the first quarter or half

    You’ll find dozens of these NBA betting lines, with each coming with unique odds. Our team at SportsTips will help you find which of these lines are the best to select. Our NBA predictions can include everything from how many points the team will score to which team we think will win.

    Visit our page on how to bet on NBA games to learn more about how you can place a wager and what you should look for in your picks. We’ll help you understand how to place your bets on many games, including how to bet on NBA playoffs action.

    NBA Best Bets

    Have you considered some of the NBA best bets strategies you’re using? You can incorporate one of many strategies for your betting needs, including:

    • Taking an over on non-conference games
    • Placing wages based on whether a team won or lost in a blowout as of late
    • Predicting a team will bounce back in a game following a poor offensive performance
    • Taking an over when a team plays its third game in four days

    Not every NBA betting strategy works for everyone. But some strategies can work well if you understand what’s going on with a game. We at SportsTips will help you find the top NBA bets today, including ones that fit for specific strategies.

    Visit our page on NBA betting strategies to learn more about how we can help you make NBA best bets. You can use our data to figure out what strategies work when making your NBA predictions.

    NBA Betting Picks

    You’ve got many picks to consider each day. You can review the odds for each game, or maybe you want to review the current NBA championship odds. The choices are plentiful, but you could get lost in all that data. You could end up picking from your emotions, which often leads to disaster.

    But it’s not tough to make the best NBA picks tonight when you see what we at SportsTips provide. We can recommend many NBA betting predictions for every game, including the best over / under and prop picks. We’ll even let you know what alternate lines are worth exploring while making your NBA basketball picks.

    We monitor all games based on many trends, news reports, and details on how well the teams compete against one another. Our NBA predictions focus on everything surrounding a game. Our experts understand what contributes to a game, which makes our NBA picks easier to trust.

    NBA Playoffs and Finals

    The stakes are higher during the NBA playoffs. The NBA championship odds can change on a whim, especially when a lower seed advances. The Milwaukee Bucks might be the more appealing team one minute, but then the Miami Heat or Toronto Raptors will appear to have better odds. We cover all the best NBA bets today when the postseason rolls around each year!

    It might also be tough to review NBA championship odds because the teams competing in the playoffs haven’t faced off against one another as often, as they likely aren’t from the same division. You might have more data on a pick between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, but not as much data for a pick between the Lakers and Houston Rockets.

    It’s even tougher to make NBA picks during the NBA Finals, as the teams competing won’t have met each other many times in the regular season. But you can trust us at SportsTips, as we provide the best NBA Finals predictions and other NBA playoff betting options.

    We’ll let you know what the best NBA free picks are based on how well these teams compete and who has been performing the best throughout the year. We’ll also review the teams playing styles to see how well they might play against one another, so you can trust us when it comes to NBA playoffs betting.

    NBA Championship Odds

    The NBA championship odds will change throughout the year from many points:

    • The records for each team
    • The upcoming games for those teams, including how favorable they are
    • Roster updates for each team, including acquisitions, injuries, and suspensions
    • How the individual players are competing, including who’s trending up or down
    • The other teams might be realistically competing for a title

    These NBA odds will change as the season progresses. SportsTips will help you see what’s happening with each team and give you the smartest NBA predictions surrounding the season. You can use our data to complete the best futures bets, no matter what the NBA championship odds might become throughout the year.

    Our data includes reports on NBA Finals odds, conference championship odds, and lines for division winners. You can trust our data whether you want to go big, or you want to stick with a specific division when making a futures pick.

    2021 NBA Champion Odds:

    NBA TeamNBA Champion Odds:
    Brooklyn Nets+210
    Los Angeles Lakers+480
    Los Angeles Clippers+600
    Utah Jazz+600
    Milwaukee Bucks+800

    (Odds correct as at 5/20/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    NBA Finals Predictions

    You never know who’s going to reach the NBA Finals until they come along, but our NBA playoff predictions will help guide the way. The Milwaukee Bucks were the top pick throughout much of the 2020 season, but the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat became more appealing choices as the season progressed.

    The NBA odds can change on a whim, especially surrounding the Finals. We at SportsTips will provide the best odds to win NBA finals based on our projections, trends with each team, and what the top bookmakers are reporting. We’ll give you the best NBA picks you can trust.

    We will take note of how the best NBA teams are competing when making our NBA betting predictions. Our reviews include notes on how teams are competing, including ones performing well in the playoffs. We can check on how each team will compete in the playoffs to give you the best NBA playoff predictions.

    NBA Finals Betting

    The NBA Finals is one of the most exciting times of the NBA calendar. But the two teams competing aren’t ones that meet each other that often, so it makes NBA Finals betting that much more unique. The Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors faced each other twice before meeting in the 2019 Finals, for instance.

    You’ll need to find enough details surrounding what the NBA championship odds are and how the two teams will compete. SportsTips will help you see what the best odds are and what you can plan when completing your wagers.

    You’ll get the best NBA predictions through SportsTips, including reports on how the teams are competing and their playing styles. You’ll find out what goes into the NBA odds you read. These details will help you make the best NBA Finals betting picks, no matter who will face one another in the Finals.

    NBA FAQs

    Where can I find the best NBA odds?

    You can find the best NBA odds through various sportsbooks, including NBA MVP odds and other points. We at SportsTips will guide you towards the best sportsbooks and oddsmakers that provide appealing lines for each match. These reports go alongside our NBA picks and our thorough analysis of each team. Our work provides complete data on who you should select when making your choices.

    Why is it important to look at NBA playoff odds?

    These NBA betting lines will help you see who has the best chance to win a game. You can review how well a team is competing and what oddsmakers are thinking about a match. But you should use these odds alongside a thorough analysis like what you get from SportsTips.

    What are the NBA MVP odds for this season?

    With the season hopefully starting in two months, Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently a +350 favourite to win his third straight MVP award, with Luka Doncic (+500) and Stephen Curry (+600) his closest challengers.

    How do free NBA picks work?

    You can use NBA free picks to make your decisions on who you feel will win each game. SportsTips provides free data on the best NBA picks and parlays for each game in the season.

    What are some NBA predictions for the week?

    The NBA predictions will change throughout the week based on who is competing. But, no matter the week, if there are NBA games on, we at SportsTips will have you covered with the best NBA predictions, so make sure you check out our predictions!

    How can you bet on NBA games?

    You can place wagers on NBA games by visiting a sportsbook of your choosing and placing your bets with real money from there. Our team at SportsTips will give you details on all the NBA betting lines available, plus recommendations on what wagers you should choose.

    Will the home court make an impact on NBA predictions?

    Some NBA predictions may be influenced by where the game takes place. That does not mean a team will have a better chance of winning. The home-court advantage can vary by team. The 2019-20 Philadelphia 76ers had a 31-4 record at the Wells Fargo Center and a 12-26 record on the road. Meanwhile, the New York Knicks went 11-22 at Madison Square Garden and 10-23 while away.

    Can I bet on the NBA legally?

    You can place legal wagers on the NBA from a number of different states in the United States, but the source you utilize will vary. Some states allow people to place bets on NBA games through online sportsbooks registered to operate in those states. Others would have to use an offshore sportsbook that is not regulated by any American authority.

    Where can I find an NBA betting guide?

    We at SportsTips will provide you with a thorough betting guide that includes details on how to place your NBA picks and parlays. We’ll also provide the latest odds and picks for each game.

    What are the current NBA Finals odds?

    Before the 2020/21 season got underway, the 2021 NBA Championship odds had the Los Angeles Lakers as +350 favourites, with the Los Angeles Clippers (+450) and Milwaukee Bucks (+550) right behind them.

    How much can you win when placing NBA bets?

    There are no limits over how much you could win while placing NBA bets. You’ll have to review the odds and the best expert picks when figuring out what you should choose when getting your wagers ready.

    Where can you find accurate NBA Finals predictions?

    SportsTips will give you the latest NBA championship odds, plus an analysis of each team competing for the title.

    Can you place bets on other awards besides the MVP and Rookie of the Year awards?

    You can also find NBA betting lines for the Coach of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and Sixth Man of the Year awards. The lines for these will change throughout the year, like what you would find when looking for NBA MVP odds.

    Can you place a wager on a player who isn’t on a listing of NBA MVP odds?

    You can only place bets on players who are on the current list of NBA MVP odds. Some players are off the table due to how they aren’t being considered as MVP candidates. There is a chance some players will be added to the table, but their odds might be lofty at the start. SportsTips will let you know what the latest odds for players are throughout the year.

    Can you use information on SportsTips to complete round-robin or teaser bets?

    You can also use our NBA predictions at SportsTips when you’re completing your round-robin or teaser wagers. These two wagers will provide lower returns than a parlay, but you have a better chance at winning.

    A round-robin wager entails betting on a combination of two or three-team parlays in a series of matches. You could win if you correctly pick two or three teams in a ticket with four or more games.

    A teaser lets you combine bets from two games while adjusting the point spreads for those games, giving you a win if you are correct on both games. These two bets are easy to plan, but you’ll have to review the potential return for each wager before you start.

    A game has a moneyline bet with one team having a -300 or greater line to win. Is this worth wagering?

    The answer depends on the matchup, as sometimes there might be underlying factors that give the underdog a chance to win. Sometimes it is best to stick with a spread or over/under wager. Our experts at SportsTips will let you know what works when you’re trying to place your bet on one of these matches.

    Can I use the information from SportsTips when placing a wager on the first quarter or half?

    You have the choice to place a bet on who will lead after the first quarter or half, or an over / under bet on the total points scored in that time period. Our data at SportsTips can help you understand how the projected starting lineups are competing, giving you an idea of what to expect as a game starts. You can use our analysis of starting lineups to make the right choices on who will dominate the first half or quarter.