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7:30 PM ET • Wednesday
Tony Battalio

Capitals ML -125

Islanders @ Capitals

7:30 PM ET • Wednesday
Tony Battalio

Jets -1,5 +150

Red Wings @ Jets

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    SportsTips Guide To The NHL

    The National Hockey League is the coolest league on ice, but it’s also a tough league to predict. It’s even harder to place your bets on NHL action, as the momentum in a game can shift on a moment’s notice.

    You’ll need the right info surrounding who’s will win and what the best odds are before you place your bets. That’s where our services at SportsTips come in handy. We at SportsTips provide NHL predictions and odds data you can trust. We’ll let you know what you can expect out of any picks you wish to complete.

    NHL Odds

    The NHL odds will change throughout the season. Sometimes the odds for who will win a game will change on a moment’s notice, even if it’s an hour or so before the game starts. Every oddsmaker will also have different ideas of what works when coming up with the best NHL odds tonight.

    One sportsbook will say that the Tampa Bay Lightning have a -155 line over the New York Islanders, but another will have the Lightning with a -140 line. Each website will review the games to see what trends are about and what they should do when producing the right line.

    Our team at SportsTips will provide the latest details on all the NHL betting odds from sportsbooks around the world. We’ll let you know what individual sportsbooks are saying about games and what the best NHL odds are for wagering for each contest.

    You can use our analysis and research on the best odds to make the right NHL picks and parlays for every game. You can visit our NHL odds page for details on the latest lines on each game. We provide the latest odds for every game throughout the season, including Stanley Cup odds.

    NHL Playoff Odds

    The Stanley Cup playoffs are a time unlike any other in the NHL. The games are more intense, and there’s no telling what will happen. The President’s Trophy winner could be unseated in the first round. There could also be a game that lasts three or more overtimes.

    We at SportsTips love the thrill of the NHL playoffs and the Stanley Cup. We know that it’s a perfect time for people to place their bets on NHL action, which is why we provide NHL playoff odds for all games and series.

    We provide the latest odds from sportsbooks in the US, including odds on:

    • Who will win specific games
    • Series odds for who will win a best-of-seven set
    • Odds to win the Stanley Cup
    • Odds for whether a team will reach the playoffs; these are available before and during the regular season
    • Prop bets, including ones for how many games a series will last

    Odds to Win the 2021 Stanley Cup:

    NHL TeamStanley Cup Odds
    Tampa Bay Lightning-1250
    Montreal Canadiens+850

    (Odds correct as at 7/1/21, thanks to FanDuel)

    Are you looking for the best NHL odds for tonight’s games or anything else in the league? Or wondering how NHL odds work? We at SportsTips will let you know what you can find when placing your bets. We’ll give you details on all the best odds from various sportsbooks.

    You’ll find the best odds for everything, including:

    • Odds for specific games
    • Playoff odds, including for games and series
    • Prop odds, including ones for players and teams
    • Futures bets, like for who will win the Stanley Cup, a conference or division, or one of many awards

    You can use our data to help you make the best NHL picks and parlays that can potentially pay the most money. We provide complete details that are always updated, even in cases where the odds change a few hours before the puck drops.

    2021 Hart Trophy Odds:

    Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, who opened as second favorite (+700), was recently awarded the 2021 Hart Trophy. McDavid received all 100 1st place votes for the award, becoming the second ever unanimous winner, after he led the NHL in points with 33 goals and a massive 72 assists.

    The odds for the 2022 Hart Trophy are yet to be released.

    NHL Odds Tonight

    Perhaps you’re looking to place a bet on one of tonight’s games. You might want to find something that has the best NHL odds tonight. Sometimes sportsbooks will feel the same way about a game and will produce similar lines.

    But there might be cases where one sportsbook has a very different attitude about a game. The Dallas Stars might have a -130 line to defeat the Anaheim Ducks on one sportsbook, but that could drop to -105 on another website.

    We’ll let you know what the best odds for each game are through many sportsbooks. We take care of all the research and analysis, so you don’t have to jump between sportsbooks to figure out what the top lines are for each game. You’ll get all the NHL betting info you’ll need before you place your wagers.

    NHL Picks and Predictions

    Have you ever considered what goes into NHL predictions? Every NHL game has multiple factors that will influence how well things will turn out. Trends can go in any direction, especially since any team can go on a hot or cold streak on a whim.

    Our NHL experts at SportsTips will provide you the best NHL predictions today. We review each NHL matchup based on many points, including:

    • Recent performance among the teams
    • How these teams have competed against one another, especially for divisional matches
    • Home ice advantage
    • How active these clubs have been as of late; this is especially the case for goaltenders
    • Roster changes, including any scratches or other points
    • Goalie matchups based on who is expected to start

    You can make the best NHL picks when you read our analysis. We will check on every aspect of each game, whether it’s the regular season or the playoffs. Our write-ups will include details on what makes each pick so valuable and why you should trust our choices, which means you only get the best NHL expert picks.

    You will appreciate how we provide full details on what you can expect out of the picks you wish to plan when wagering on NHL games. Visit our NHL picks and predictions page to learn more about what we provide.

    NHL Playoff Predictions

    The Stanley Cup playoffs are an exciting time, as the stakes are higher, and the momentum can shift on a moment’s notice. But it’s never easy for most people to make NHL playoff predictions, especially when the games entail teams from different divisions.

    We at SportsTips will give you the best NHL game predictions throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs. We’ll list details on how these teams compete, their general playing styles, and how well these clubs have been playing as of late.

    You’ll also learn from our predictions about how fatigue and other factors might influence our NHL game. predictions. Our Stanley Cup predictions will help you find who is best for wagering. Visit our page on how our NHL picks work to learn more. You’ll find that we put in a great deal of effort to figure out who you should place your bet on for each day’s action.

    Free NHL Picks

    The best part of visiting SportsTips is that you never have to pay anything to review our NHL predictions. We provide details on the best NHL picks and parlays for free throughout the season.

    We at SportsTips feel that all NHL punters should understand what goes into each game. Every pick we produce comes from our full analysis and research on each match. We check on the latest news and reports on each team, plus we review how well the two clubs have been playing as of late.

    You’ll get a great idea over what we feel is best when placing your wagers. our NHL expert picks will guide you through every game of the season and into the post-season as well.

    The good news is that you don’t have to sign up for with us, as we provide free NHL picks to all visitors as they need them. We’re especially here to help people during the playoffs when anything goes, and people need more data to make the best NHL picks and parlays.

    NHL Picks and Parlays

    You could win big on your NHL picks, especially if you use our expert advice here at SportsTips. But what about parlay bets, or round-robin or teaser wagers? Our advice at SportsTips can help you build your next parlay ticket. You’ve got a chance to win even more with a parlay wager, especially if you have three or more items on the same ticket.

    We provide expert data on every game throughout the season, so you’ll have the info needed to complete a parlay for the entire evening. You can also use our data if you wish to place a safer teaser or round-robin wager, which still pays out more than a typical single-game bet on average.

    We’ll also provide details on the best odds available through various sportsbooks. You can use these details to find the best potential payouts for your parlays and other high-value wagers. So, make sure you check out our NHL expert picks today.

    NHL Betting

    NHL betting isn’t as easy as you might expect. You’ve got many betting choices to consider throughout the season. But you don’t have to go at it alone, as we at SportsTips will let you know what you can expect when placing your wagers.

    We at SportsTips will let you know what you should choose when placing your NHL bets today. We will provide the best NHL picks and reports surrounding whatever games you wish to wager.

    We’ll let you know what the best picks are for each game. These include picks of all sorts, including:

    • Spread or puck line wagers
    • Moneyline totals
    • Over / unders
    • First period wagers and lines
    • Alternate lines, including ones for the puck line and over / under
    • How many goals each team will score
    • The potential for a game to enter overtime or a shootout

    Every game will turn out differently, plus each team will play differently from one another. We’ll let you know what you can expect out of your wagers here at SportsTips so that you will make the best NHL bets today.

    Visit our NHL betting page to learn more about our NHL analysis and to find the latest odds and picks for each game. We will let you know what the best picks are for each game.

    NHL Best Bets

    Not every NHL game is worth wagering. There might be a game that is too lopsided to where placing a bet might not be the best idea. But sometimes there might be a specific wager on one of those games worth trying.

    Our experts at SportsTips will find the NHL best bets today for each game, whether it entails a basic wager, a prop bet, or an alternate line. For example, it might not be worthwhile to place a bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs defeating the Detroit Red Wings, but placing a bet on the Leafs with a -2.5 puck line instead of a basic -0.5 line might be ideal.

    Our NHL picks are based on the complete research and analysis we conduct for each game. You’ll learn from our reports what is best for your wagering needs so you can make the NHL best bets today.

    Our work will help you find the most profitable betting opportunities we recommend for each match. Visit our page on how to bet on NHL games to learn more about how we find the best NHL picks.

    NHL Betting Picks

    Every NHL game will have a winner, as the days of tie games in the NHL are long gone. Every matchup has a winner, but you’ve got many things to see when choosing the best picks. You can find the best NHL betting choices at SportsTips.

    Many of our top NHL predictions come from various wagering strategies. These include many prominent ideas like:

    • Reviewing the possible home ice advantage based on ice quality, the crowd, and more
    • Checking each team’s schedule, including noting any back-to-back matches
    • Noting trends between teams, like whether a team focuses on offense or defense
    • Goaltender matchups, including points on how well these players have been competing as of late

    Visit our page to learn more about specific NHL betting strategies. We’ll help you understand some of the strategies that can come into play when you’re making your NHL predictions.

    NHL Betting Predictions

    We can not only tell you who’s going to win a game, but we can also predict many other factors. Our thorough NHL predictions will help you choose whether you should play a puck line, moneyline, or over / under wager.

    Our NHL projections will include details on:

    • The number of goals both team could score
    • How many shots of goal or shot attempts each team will complete
    • How long it might take for a team to score
    • Any penalties and other factors that might occur during the game
    • How well the teams might perform during a shootout if the game reaches this point

    You can use our projections to understand what goes into the NHL odds you find while online. Our data will be useful when you’re trying to make the most sensible NHL picks and parlays. You can even use these details when predicting whether a game will enter an overtime period or a shootout.

    NHL Stanley Cup

    The Stanley Cup is actually one of the most recognized trophies in sports. The Cup has been given to the NHL champion every year since 1915. Every NHL player dreams of lifting the Cup in victory.

    It’s no surprise that the Stanley Cup playoffs is an exciting time in the sports calendar every year. All sixteen teams competing in the playoffs will fight for the opportunity to hoist the Stanley Cup as the world’s best ice hockey team.

    We at SportsTips will provide the best Stanley Cup predictions you can trust. We’ll let you review the top Stanley Cup odds and figure out what works for your wagering needs. We can check on the matchups for every NHL team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. We’ll review how the two teams compare with one another and how well these clubs have been competing as of late.

    We can also check on prior matchups between these teams. The NHL’s current playoff format heavily favors in-division matchups at the start, so checking on how these teams compete against each other is essential. Visit our Stanley Cup page to learn more about how we can help you make the best Stanley Cup picks. Our data will help you create the best NHL picks and parlays you can trust.

    Stanley Cup Odds

    The NHL odds to win the cup will change throughout the year. Most people like to assume that the teams in playoff position during the American Thanksgiving holiday will have better chances, but that’s not always the case.

    These Stanley Cup odds will change due to factors like:

    • A team’s record
    • The upcoming schedule for a team, including how favorable it might be
    • Any roster changes for a team, including new acquisitions during the trade deadline
    • How others in the same conference or division are doing

    The NHL playoff odds will change throughout the year, especially after the trade deadline when people figure out who’s for real and who isn’t going to try. There’s always a method to the madness, which is where we at SportsTips come in handy. Check with us at SportsTips to learn about the latest Stanley Cup odds and see why they are changing.

    Stanley Cup Predictions

    Everyone likes to make Stanley Cup predictions, but people often do this based on their favorite teams or whoever they are more familiar with watching. We at SportsTips take a more practical approach in making our picks, as we check on every team throughout the league.

    We provide Stanley Cup predictions based on many factors, from how well a team is competing to how its roster is changing. We can establish predictions surrounding such points as these:

    • Who’s in the running for division titles
    • Who has the best chance of winning the President’s Trophy
    • Which teams were buyers during the trade deadline
    • How rosters might change surrounding high-value prospects being called up or players returning from the injured list

    You can use our data at SportsTips to see what goes into the Stanley Cup odds you find. We’ll give you the best Stanley Cup picks and predictions for each team entering the playoffs.

    Stanley Cup Betting

    NHL betting can be a challenge, but it is even more so when the Stanley Cup finals begin. The two teams won’t have competed against one another as often, with them being from different conferences.

    We can check on the NHL playoff odds and many trends surrounding the teams in the finals to make the best projections. We can provide the best picks based on many Stanley Cup odds, from prop bets to alternate lines.

    We will also provide detailed reports on both teams in the finals. You’ll see how these two teams compete and how their playing styles differ from one another. The details will let you know what you can expect out of a match between these clubs.

    Check with us at SportsTips before each game to see what’s happening. We’ll let you know who has the best shot at winning, plus which wagers are worthy of their NHL playoff odds. You can find everything you need in relation to Stanley Cup betting online with SportsTips.

    NHL FAQs

    Where can you find the best NHL odds?

    You can use SportsTips to find the best NHL odds, including the best NHL playoff odds.

    How often can these odds change?

    NHL odds can change at any time, including a few hours before the first puck drops. SportsTips will keep you up to date on the latest changes.

    Why is it important to look at NHL playoff odds?

    NHL playoff odds can help you see who is favored to win a series. You can use these odds to figure out who has a better chance, plus how well these two teams might contend. You’ll need to find specifics surrounding what goes into these NHL odds. Our team at SportsTips will help you see why these odds are where they are, helping you to make the best NHL betting choices.

    What are the NHL MVP odds for the season?

    The odds for players to win the Hart Memorial Trophy as the league’s most valuable player will vary throughout the season. At the start of the 2019-20 season, the Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid was the +350 favorite, while the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Nikita Kucherov was second at +550.

    Both those players dropped off as the season progressed, with the Oilers’ Leon Draisaitl having a -200 line as the favorite with the Colorado Avalanche’s Nathan MacKinnon being second at +260.

    The NHL odds for the Hart Trophy will change throughout the season. We at SportsTips will help you see what goes into these odds and how they can change, plus predictions on who has the best chance to win this and other trophies.

    How do free NHL picks work?

    Free NHL picks include details on how matchups are going and who has the best chance to win. You can use our picks at SportsTips to see what NHL predictions you should use when placing your bets.

    How do I bet on NHL games, including on the playoffs?

    You can place a bet through one of many sportsbooks. You can find in-person and online sportsbooks available in various states around the country, or you can use one of many offshore sportsbooks available for use anywhere. SportsTips will give you the latest regular season and playoff odds from many of these sportsbooks.

    Can I legally bet on NHL games?

    The answer depends on where you live. You can legally place bets on NHL games in many states throughout the country, although the rules for where you can place a wager will vary. Some states offer online wagering, while others only provide in-person betting at sportsbooks at specific casino properties.

    People can also consider offshore sportsbooks when placing their NHL picks and parlays. But these offshore websites aren’t certified by any American parties, so you’d have to do your research surrounding each of these sportsbooks available for use.

    I can already place a bet on the puck line, the moneyline, and the over / under. Can I combine two or three of them on the same parlay?

    All three of these wagering features are available for parlay bets. The total return you might get will vary based on their values. You can figure out the prospective value of your parlay by multiplying the decimal odds for each pick together to see what the payout for the parlay will be if you are successful.

    Where can I find an NHL betting guide?

    You can use SportsTips to learn about the latest NHL betting tips and points. SportsTips will help you see what goes into making the best NHL picks.

    How do NHL betting odds work?

    NHL odds are dictated by sportsbooks based on matchups and various analytical details. These odds include many points, including ones for:

    • Puck line, or how many goals a team will win by
    • Moneyline
    • Over / under, or how many goals will be scored between the two teams
    • How many goals an individual team will score in a game
    • Whether a game will reach an overtime or shootout period
    • How many shots a player will complete
    • How many saves a goaltender will make
    • Whether a player will score a point; this can be a goal or assist

    How high can the alternate lines be for NHL picks?

    You can find alternate lines like a puck line that goes a few goals above its original total. For instance, the Vegas Golden Knights might have a -1.5 line over the Chicago Blackhawks. You could pick the Knights to win with a -3.5 line or the Blackhawks with a +0.5 or -1.5 line. The odds for these bets will be higher, as they are not as likely to happen.

    Alternate lines also include ones for over / unders. A Knights and Hawks game might have an over / under of 5.5 goals scored in the game. You could place a bet on an over / under for 2.5 or 8.5, both of which will provide completely different odds on both sides.

    How can you bet on the Stanley Cup?

    You can visit an online or in-person sportsbook to place a bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs or finals. You can find the latest Stanley Cup predictions from SportsTips to help you make the best choices for your bets.

    Where can you find accurate Stanley Cup predictions?

    SportsTips provides complete Stanley Cup predictions on all games, including those during the finals.

    Can you find odds on various NHL awards?

    You can find odds and NHL predictions on who has the best chance to win one of many awards given by the league every year. These include awards like:

    • Hart Trophy (top player)
    • Vezina Trophy (best goaltender)
    • Art Ross Trophy (player with the most points in the regular season)
    • Norris Trophy (best defensive player)
    • Calder Trophy (top rookie)
    • Jack Adams Trophy (coach of the year)
    • Maurice Richard Trophy (player with the most goals in the regular season)
    • Lady Byng Trophy (most gentlemanlike player, or best sportsmanship)
    • Conn Smythe Trophy (top player during the playoffs)

    How often can Stanley Cup predictions change?

    Stanley Cup predictions can change as often as necessary. The Stanley Cup odds may change surrounding who is performing the best, how teams are improving, and the upcoming schedules for each team. The prospective playoff matchups may also be a factor.

    Can you place wagers on the entire NHL playoff series instead of single games?

    You have the option to place wagers on an entire best-of-seven playoff series. The NHL playoff odds will vary by series. Sometimes the odds might be lower or higher for a series pick versus what you may find for individual games.

    A match between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes might have the Bruins with a -400 line to win the series, but an individual game bet may have the Bruins with a -140 line to win.

    Some playoff series bets may also include props on how many games the series will last. The odds can change based on how many games are involved. You could pick the Bruins to defeat the Hurricanes in five games with a -150 line, the Bruins in six with a +160 total, or the Hurricanes in seven with a +800 line.